Understanding our residents

Ryefield Court is a care home that often does things differently as we strive to improve, to offer more varied activities or a different approach to visiting and inclusion. Why? - To make sure our home is better in every regard, and so our residents receive companionship, stimulation and great value. For a long time, care homes have trodden a certain path, and while many of them deliver excellent basic care, the rest often gets forgotten in a bid to keep costs down and occupancy up. By 'the rest' we mean the food, the gardens, the activities and the staffing levels.

Living at Ryefield Court is not just about receiving great care (which comes as standard, as you'll see) but about enjoying the things in life that you have always enjoyed.

In beautiful surroundings with a team of people who are passionate about what they do each day and by aiming for excellence in every area, we make the experience of living in a care home a fantastic life experience, as well as the best place to receive exceptional care.

Do you have a friend or relative who would benefit from living at Ryefield Court?

Exciting events at our Care Home
Fun and Excitement at the Hillingdon Care Home

Eradicating Isolation

The negative human responses associated with loneliness are the same in people of all ages, but in the elderly it is exaggerated. Studies show that perceived loneliness contributes to cognitive decline and risk of dementia. In Britain today, over half of people aged 75 or over live on their own, and five million people cite the television as their main source of company.

By living at Ryefield Court there is never the need to be lonely. Friendships and interaction are at the heart of everything we do. That said, we understand that people will always want time to themselves and at this care home it's very easy to find. With more communal and private space than most other homes, it's easy to find your new favourite spot to watch the birds in the garden, listen to the test match, or simply catch up on the papers. The difference is that when you're done reflecting, your social network of friends, carers and entertainers is just around the corner.

All inclusive fixed price

All of our facilities and care are offered at a single, all-inclusive weekly price, enabling residents to enjoy their life here at Ryefield Court care home without the worry of hidden extras and unexpected bills. When we say 'everything' we mean everything. In addition to food and care; the fixed price also includes use of all our facilities, private dining for residents and their friends and family, use of our chauffeur services, all our activities and outings, and alcoholic drinks from the bar or with meals. You will never be charged extra, that’s our price promise to you.

All inclusive pricing
Out professional Ryefield Court Bar Staff
Borris Johnson visiting our Hillingdon Care Home

The Perks of being a Ryefield Court Resident

Chauffeured Car: Not only do we offer our residents the opportunity to get out of the house whenever they like, we do it in style. A large Mercedes is the perfect choice. Smooth, quiet, reliable - wherever you want to go, we're at the ready.

Grooming & Wellbeing: It goes without saying that residents' wellbeing is paramount in everything we do, but aside from making sure everyone is comfortable, enjoying themselves and socialising as often as they wish, as always, we like to go one step further. Our Lily Room Spa will offer treatments for all of our residents, to enhance mental health, relaxation, comfort and inner peace. And if that wasn’t enough, our hair salon and nail bar will be there for all to use, with our stylist and nail technician offering a wide range of healthy and decorative services.

The Living Wage

There has been a lot of coverage in mainstream media recently about what is a fair wage. We're not interested in the politics of the situation, but we do believe in fairness and we also reckon that by paying fairly you reap the rewards in committed, happy staff.

We have decided to take the lead within the care sector which is why we pay all of our staff above the living wage; not the minimum wage, not the living wage but above the living wage. The results of doing this are that we have a care team who know they are respected and valued, and we are able to attract the best people to work in our home. Everybody wins, but most of all our residents.

Proud to pay above the living wage
Happy Staff at Ryefield Court Care Home

Do you want to be part of our team?

Whether you are an experienced carer or you are just starting out, if you think you have what it takes to be a part of our fantastic team, then we’d love to hear from you. Even if we don’t have any positions available at the time, we will keep your details on record for future reference.

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