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Take a guided tour with our General Manager, Clare Livingstone, where she will show you everything our home has to offer. From the landscaped garden to the Lily Room Spa, you’ll get a real sense of the luxury throughout our home.

A Ryefield Court Carer with a Resident


All-inclusive care

Relax, everything is taken care of at Ryefield Court. Whether it’s the first-class fine dining, energizing activities, or outstanding 24-hour care – there’s something for all our residents and their families to enjoy. All of these 5-star experiences are built into the weekly fee, giving you complete peace of mind.

Five-star day-to-day
En-suite bedroom

Unwind in our elegantly decorated en-suite rooms, furnished with a Smart TV and dedicated phoneline to keep connected with your loved ones.

Restaurant and fine-dining

If our outstanding, restaurant-quality service wasn’t enough, we also offer our residents a fine-dining experience. Have your friends or family around for a chef curated meal – perfect for those special occasions.

Bar & Bistro

What’s your tipple? Our bar and Bistro is the perfect place to unwind and have a natter with your family, friends or other residents.

Chauffeur-driven car

Travel in style in our chauffeur-driven car. If you’re popping to the shops or visiting friends, we’ll be happy to take you there.

In-house indulging

There are lots of different ways in which you can unwind at the Ryefield Court Lily Room Spa. Whether it’s treating yourself to a manicure, freshening up your hairdo or enjoying an Indian head massage, you’ll be sure to find something that offers ultimate relaxation.

Laundry service

No need to worry about the daily domesticities. Our housekeeping staff don’t just offer cleaning but will also take care of all of your washing, ironing and drying, so you never have to worry about those weekly chores again.

Daily newspapers

We’ll deliver your favourite magazine or newspaper direct to your door every morning.

Daily housekeeping

We keep your room looking good as new with fresh bedding, cleaning and vacuuming.

Entertainment & Activities
Fun day trips

Our mini-bus is always on the go with regular day trips for our residents to opt onto. We’re always on the look out for new landmarks, picturesque locations or even community events that we know our residents will enjoy.

In-House Cinema

Who doesn’t love putting their feet up with a bag of popcorn to watch the latest blockbuster hits? We know we do, that’s why our in-house cinema is one of the most popular spots for our residents chill out and unwind after a busy day of activities.

Events at Ryefield

Our enthusiastic events team are always on the look out for new and fun ways to engage the residents, their families, and the local community. We have an events calendar that’s packed full of fun, including live music, roulette nights, visits from the local theatre group and even trips to the beach.

Health care
Continuous care

Our highly skilled professionals are on hand to provide the very best care, 24/7, 365 days a year.

On-site healthcare professionals

In addition to our qualified team of carers, we have regular visits from the District Nurses, GP, physiotherapists and other healthcare specialists.

Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer

They say you are only as old as you feel. That’s why we have an onsite training and physio team, dedicated to keeping our residents active and engaged.

Dietician support

For those wanting to keep up a healthy lifestyle, our onsite dietician is on hand to help.

Registered GP Access

With access to Local GP’s for in-house appointments, or a chauffeur-driven ride to your preferred doctor, rest assured we have you covered.

Optician, Chiropody & Dentist visits

Our close-knit team of wider health professionals work with us to ensure that your needs are tended to with the utmost care and compassion, wherever and whenever you need it.


Past times and hobbies

With so many different personalities and interests in the home, we make sure that there’s something for everyone. From joining our gardeners club, to heading down to the local cricket club for some live action, we are here to facilitate your interests.

Art classes


Arts & Crafts

We like to nurture the creativity in anyone who wishes to use it. Whether it’s painting, pottery or music, we delight in watching our residents develop a newfound love for hobbies old and new.

Residents playing games


Games for All

Everyone likes a bit of healthy competition, and there’s plenty of it during games night! If you’re a general knowledge guru or you’re the lucky one that always rolls 6, there’s plenty of games available to find your next winning move.

Residents at Ryefield Court Care Home enjoy outdoor activity


Outdoor Living

Our outdoor areas are all landscaped and will become a vibrant display of colour in the spring and summer months. Why not add to its beauty by joining the gardening club and put your green thumb to the test.


Fresh and delicious food at Ryefield Court

Mealtime is a social event and an element of the day that most people hold dear. That’s why we have focused on creating welcoming dining spaces where variety is the order of the day. Our chefs cook up a daily masterpiece that’s not just available to residents, but our fine dining experience means that friends and families can make the most of it too.

Naturally, all dietary requirements will be catered for and if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to try just let a member of the team know. Our chefs are always looking for new and inspired dishes to keep your mealtime varied.

Don’t forget our bar and bistro for that post-dinner tipple!

A finely prepared nutritious meal by our Chef here at Ryefield Court Care home in Uxbridge


On-site healthcare at Ryefield Court

The number one priority in our home is the health and wellbeing of our residents. We understand that everyone has different care requirements and preferences, so our healthcare professionals create tailored care plans to suit you.

District Nurse

We have a dedicated and compassionate team of carers, including a district nurse who regularly visits to assess and assist in our residents’ care.


Working with a local physiotherapist, we create a programme that is tailored to each individual. By doing this, we enable our residents to stay active and mobile as well as ensuring optimum comfort during down time.


Working with our chiropodist partners, we ensure that our residents have access to regular feet checks, as well as offer advice and awareness on how to look after feet in order prevent falls and promote wellbeing.

Health and Fitness

Taking care of daily exercise and addressing any small issues early on helps to maintain our overall fitness and health.

Researchers agree that by taking regular, suitable exercise, the likelihood of falls and even dementia are reduced. There are so many ways in which we help residents maintain their strength and mobility, that we guarantee there is something for everyone, regardless of previous exercise experience.

Whether it’s some group chair yoga in the morning or some Zumba in the afternoon, our in-house specialist Personal Trainer is here to help you achieve the best you can be, so that you can greet each day with a smile.

Care Quality Commission Rating of Ryefield Court Care Home

*Last report published 27/08/2021

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